Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I cleaned of the piano recently, and G has been loving it while in his mobile stander! What a great incentive I had on my hands the whole while. I think he plays quite well, really.

He hasn't been enjoying PT much lately. He gets frustrated very quickly, and last week he threw a tantrum for quite awhile. He also has a walker, but he only lasts a few minutes in that. He is really excited about the mobile stander now that's he's figured out he can chase his brother around. G thinks it's quite amusing to run into people or things.

G has PT today, which I have a feeling will go okay, but not great. He's cutting some teeth, and they must be very annoying to him! He is usually quite even-tempered, but he's been impatient a lot lately. Two, I say!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Burned Out

I think it has something to do with being summer, having all the kids home, being busy, and starting a new business (selling jewelry), but I've just felt burned out about posting. I haven't even been keeping up on reading all that well. If I sit down to the computer and try to spend any time on here, I am being harrassed to do a million other things.

G has been progressing wonderfully. His vocabulary is expanding, especially in the last two days. The kid says his version of "Chocolate", which is "Choc." He points out his ears, eyes, nose, and names them, and his animal noises are spot on.

G now has a walker. He's not impressed with it much. He's had a mobile stander for awhile, and he recently really caught on to how to maneuver it. He goes and goes so much while in it, he gets red-faced and breaks a sweat. The walker, though, needs to be controlled by his legs, and this isn't an easy feat. Being two (almost), he wants to go fast, and he knows his arms can accomplish this. He will tolerate the walker for a short while, though, so we'll take what we can get.

He has also learned how to get on and off the couch. Originally, he thought he was quite clever coming down face first, but he's now decided maybe mom was right, and he should do it feet first. The thing is, he can go face-first and not get hurt, but the potential is really, really there.

Ten years for hubby and I tomorrow. :)