Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I cleaned of the piano recently, and G has been loving it while in his mobile stander! What a great incentive I had on my hands the whole while. I think he plays quite well, really.

He hasn't been enjoying PT much lately. He gets frustrated very quickly, and last week he threw a tantrum for quite awhile. He also has a walker, but he only lasts a few minutes in that. He is really excited about the mobile stander now that's he's figured out he can chase his brother around. G thinks it's quite amusing to run into people or things.

G has PT today, which I have a feeling will go okay, but not great. He's cutting some teeth, and they must be very annoying to him! He is usually quite even-tempered, but he's been impatient a lot lately. Two, I say!


Angela said...

He IS quite good with the piano! What a cute, cute, cute boy you've got there. I love the mobile stander -- he looks awesome in it! I am so glad he's found a way to chase after everyone.

Jack started to get crabby during PT right around your little man's age too. I think it is frustrating for them because they are getting older and really want to move!

I hope those teeth come in soon. I do not look forward to going through that with Miss M.

catherine said...

Sometimes I worry that a grumpy PT session isn't worth the hit on insurance life maximum and/or not worth the out of pocket if not covered. But don't want BB to think he is the boss . . . slippery slope.

Loving the piano!