Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I know

I haven't posted anything in a long time. A lot has been going on, most of it not related directly to G. He's been so healthy and thriving lately! We had a series of appointments in the last couple weeks and things are good. It's kind of weird.

My mom has been sick, though, and today we found out why. She has acute myelogenous leukemia. Cancer. She starts chemo today.

It is so scary. She is my mom. She is 52. It is fortunately in the early stages, and it sounds like she has a good chance to fight it. She survived septicemia in 2003, and that has much lower odds. It's so hard to grasp, though, and I hope I'm strong enough to be there for her. She's been there so much for me.


catherine said...

I'm glad G. is doing well and very sad to read about your mom's health. You seem very tough to me (probably like your mom). Take care :)

Rural Felicity said...

Thanks, Catherine. Mom is responding well to the chemo, thankfully, but she's in isolation, so that's been hard on all of us!