Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where does time go?

I cannot believe we're approaching March so quickly! We've had a bout of sickness, going to weekly cast visits, birthdays, etc. It seems like I've been really busy, but I don't think I've been as busy as I've felt. G is out of his casts. For now. I am not sure what the course of action is going to be today because his left ankle is swollen and is hot. I'm worried he may have a stress fracture since he was casted for so long and his bones are probably quite brittle. He doesn't seem to be experiencing any pain, but that wouldn't be unusual since he has less sensation.

We have a brain/spine/scoliosis MRI coming up next Thursday. We'll be checking to see if his syrinx has remained stable or gotten larger. Tethered cord is also a concern, so that'll be addressed. Hopefully, the brain MRI shows things to be stable there.

That being said, we've made it a year without a shunt revision!!! February 14 marked the day. It's odd, but it just felt different to make it past that day and realize, yes, we made it an entire year. We really, truly did. We've had our scares/concerns throughout the year, but that scar has had a year to heal. :) I now know and understand (well, kinda) the nature of the shunt, and I'm aware there may be another revision (or more) in the future, but we'll take any small victory we can.

Interestingly enough, one of my major concerns when he was going through all these revisions was how it would it affect him developmentally. We were told recently he wasn't showing any developmental delays, was quite age appropriate other than physically, and he probably won't be eligible for school therapy once he's out of the birth to three program.

G is almost two-and-a-half. Where does time go???