Saturday, September 22, 2007

The wheelchair

G got a loaner from the PT about a month ago, and it has been amazing how fast he's mastered the wheelchair. He's just so thrilled with it, and he asks to go in it every day. Today he climbed into it. Unfortunately, he's learned how to unbuckle himself and has taken a tumble out. That was before I knew he could unbuckle himself.

It's just a loaner, though, so it could leave any day. :( We are working on getting him his own, but it's such a long, drawn-out process. I hate the thought of him not having it because it is so important to him. He loves being higher and going fast. He's all about the wheels, that boy.

The walker, on the other hand, isn't nearly as thrilling to him. He gets very frustrated very fast that he can't move quicker. His awareness of his feet and legs and what they can do has increased, though, so I think at some point he will catch on. He gets mad because he's not moving fast enough, and he uses his arms to shake it, and yells, "I'M STUCK!!!"


catherine said...

I hope you get some fast wheels soon.

Catherine said...

hope all is well.

Rural Felicity said...

Thank you for thinking of me! Things have been pretty well. I've been awfully neglectful of writing anything for awhile, haven't I?!!