Friday, March 06, 2009

G went to a full afternoon of school yesterday! It sounds like he did wonderfully. When I picked him up, and we were heading home, I asked him what he thought of school. His reply, "It's a great school!"

We finally got his twister straps (and STILL no walker), and he isn't loving those. They sound horrible, but they're pretty basic. I plan on getting a picture, but right now, we'll just say he's not too cooperative.

After his MRI results, I feel so elated! And kind of lost! LOL When he had SO much going on, it seemed like that was the way it was going to be. Now, life with G is pretty low-key. When I had to fill out the paperwork for his MRI work up, the space for surgeries was way too small. It's always kind of sad to fill out all his surgeries, and he's only three.

What it looks like:
2005- 9/29- shunt placement/myelomeningocele closure, 12/13-bilateral clubfoot percutaneous tenotomies
2006- 1/9-shunt revision, 2/23-cystoscopy urethral stricture repair, 5/1-shunt revision
2007-1/12-shunt revision, 1/24-bilateral clubfoot percutaneous tenotomies, 1/30-shunt revision, 2/4-shunt replacement, 2/14-shunt revision
2008- 4/25 left clubfoot revision

It's tough to fit that in the space allotted.

As we approach April as our one year anniversary of being surgery-free, I think I can finally accept it. Now that we've been told TWO years for a follow-up, I feel like just maybe, yeah, we'll make it. For so long, not even realizing it, I was waiting for that other shoe to drop. I realize that it still can, but I'm not holding my breath anymore. Life without surgery after surgery feels kinda good. All the unknowns don't seem to be beating on my door so much.

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