Friday, September 08, 2006

School Days

Off to school they went. I now have a second grader and a kindergartener! It was Miss I's first full day of kindy, and she seemed a bit taken aback at the idea. She was a bit weepy and told me she was sad and was going to miss me, her two brothers, and her dad.

Miss I's first three days of school were only a couple hours each day in the afternoon. The first day I buckled her in, got in the car, and she said, "I don't think I can walk all by myself. My legs feel funny."

So we talked about being nervous and scared, and how it was okay. I assured her I'd walk her to her classroom, and Mrs. L was very nice. She giggled and was fine. When we got to her classroom, she ran off after hanging up her backpack. Actually, she hung up her backpack, looked around at the others that were there, and turned hers around so it faced out. I was surprised by that. She's obviously a bit worried about fitting in. It's so sad it starts so early!!

Anyhow, Miss I ran off to play, realized she didn't say goodbye, and gave me a HUGE hug. She's so sweet and loving. :)

I've walked past Miss R's classroom the last several days and peeked in. She looks so grown up. I asked her on her first day how school was, and she replied, "It was just like first grade! It was like I never left!"

Mister S is very whiney and complainy since his sisters went to school. I hope this phase passes relatively soon. Mister G is teething and crabbing, and I'm discovering though it might be quieter around here, I'm no less busier.

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