Thursday, April 17, 2008

wheels and dreams

G's wheels are in!! I'm so excited to be getting the wheelchair, and I think it's a very timely arrival with the clubfoot surgery and all!

I had a dream last night. G took four steps, and I was just ecstatic. I can still picture his bare little feet taking those four steps. In my dream I shared it with everyone. His feet were straight, his ankles strong, his balance there, and it was such a moment in the dream! I would fret and stew and think I was having issues with him not being able to walk, but I've had some strange dreams this week. LOL There was this one with four guys with no shirts on....

Anyway, daylight breaks and the dream of G's steps is still with me. I was watching him get around yesterday, and he has his stumbling blocks, but it is amazing how he's figured things out. His arms are his legs, and he knows how to use them. I felt a bit melancholy watching him struggle to keep up with his siblings, but I felt triumphant seeing the ground he's gained. He loves his little homemade chair grandpa made for him, and I love the freedom, the glee that crosses his face, when he's in it. I had him outside in it yesterday, and he wasn't able to really get on the grass with it, but he was able to get around so much faster on the sidewalk. I do think that when all the snow melts and the grass isn't mush he'll be able to get onto the grass. As long as we keep it mowed and pinecones picked up!


Bird said...

That happens to me all the time. I have this dream that Charlie can do the exact thing that we've been working on. In the dream I can't believe I ever worried. When I wake up the high is still with me--he can do ANYTHING!

Those dreams are good for us.

Angela said...

I've had the dreams as well. SO REAL and so so AMAZING, aren't they? Now for the guys with no shirts...hmmm, would like that one too, lol!

I am so happy the wheels are here! I can't wait to hear more!!