Tuesday, May 06, 2008

post op

G's clubfoot surgery went smoothly, and he's sporting a neon green cast to his hip. We did decide to put a short-leg cast on the other foot that didn't have surgery. He was sooooooo bored in the room, but he did very well. I sure was glad to get home!

It is finally springtime. G is loving the outdoors, but it's been challenging. He wants to get down and play but it is limited to hard surfaces. We got his new wheelchair!!! He loves it, but the outside terrain is a litte difficult for him right now. He's getting around in the house, and is so excited to be able to see out the windows and the top of the tables and cupboards. He's all toddler now! LOL


Bird said...

I love that one of him blowing bubbles! So cute!

Rural Felicity said...

Thank you!! I thought I had published your comment days ago, but apparently, I forgot to check the box. Oops! The bubbles saved my sanity. LOL

Princess Abigail in France.... said...

What a fantastic family!
and what an angelic face!!!
G, you are a super hero to me!

Bird said...

Hello, Felicity! I have found a spina bifida mom who is going through a tough time and I thought I'd share her blog address--I don't know how connected she is or whether or not she known any other mothers in the same situation. The address is http://oliversmiracle.wordpress.com

PS: Charlie has just discovered bubbles--he doesn't blow them or anything, but he sees them and feels them!

Rural Felicity said...

Thank you, Princess Abigail in France! :) I am so glad to see you here.

Bird, thank you for the heads up on Oliver's page. What a cute little guy! And, Charlie and bubbles. :) I watched the video of you tickling him and him signing more, and I smile everytime I think about it, which is often.