Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sheesh! I am so delayed on updating! G's evaluation went well. He did qualify for school on physical disability alone, but he won't be attending school yet. He is receiving at-home physical therapy because the bus ride would be as long as the school day! Which is about 3 1/2 hours, we figure. He can't sit that long due to his breakdown issues and because he's only three. I'm satisfied with the set up for now, and the teacher and the PT will each come out once a week.

Also, last week we went to the neurosurgeon and G had a CT and shunt series. All checked out well, and I'm very thankful for that. We also headed to IA for a checkup for his clubfeet, and that appointment also went well. It was a symposium we attended for the Ponseti method, and my oldest and G showed off their feet. Afterward, there was a race for all the little ones that were there, and it was so much fun. Dr. Ponseti is 94 years old, and he was there with his beautiful wife. G went around and around the track in his wheelchair and participated in two of the races. It was wonderful seeing him go. Our biggest challenge recently is dealing with the temper tantrums that come with us guiding his chair. Let's just say, he doesn't appreciate any help. LOL Sorry, kiddo, but there are still rules to follow!

I will try to post pics soon and be more diligent about blogging!! I always have things I want to blog about, but I write it in my head and then, poof!, it's gone.

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