Monday, September 22, 2008

G had his school eval, and we'll find out on Wednesday if he qualifies. I'm nervous. On one hand, I want him to qualify but on the other, I don't. I've never sent any of my other kids to school before they turned five, so this is way different (as many other things have been, but still...)for me. What a big step for momma. LOL

Last week when the pt was here, G was so uncooperative. He's been rather difficult with me recently, too. It's tough when there are possible underlying factors. Is it his shunt or is it just being three? Everyone else wants to think it's just being three. Me? I'm not sure. But, I also don't feel like it couldn't be. It's always figuring out what's going on, and sometimes that gets so difficult. He's not three yet, by the way. That is one week away!! How is it possible this kid is approaching three so quickly??

We took G to the airshow to see the Blue Angels despite his aversion to loud noises. With his ears covered he did remarkably well. :)

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Angela said...

I can't believe he's going to be THREE in a week! WOW!

We're just had a ct scan yesterday to check on Jack's shunt...we should have the results today. I know no matter what other reasons our kiddos have for not being themselves, the shunt is always in the back of my mind!

I know how hard it was for us to send Jack to school at 3 years old, but it was a wonderful experience for him! Keep us posted!!