Thursday, September 04, 2008

This morning I was emailing another mom about clubfeet and shared some photos with her. I hadn't been in the clubfoot folder for awhile, but my goodness. G was so little. He's approaching three shortly here, and I find myself going back to that last month of pregnancy. It was so marked with doctor visits, with unknowns and worries, and here we are today.

Life, though more difficult in some ways, is so much easier now that he's here. It's just life when you're living it, but when you're waiting for something and worrying, you're not living. You're suspended, and frankly, it really sucks. Limbo Land. I've been fussing about the shunt the last couple weeks. Is he three (two) or is it excessive irritability? For him, he's more cranky than usual. Growth spurt or excessive sleepiness? He's growing but combined with the cranky, I'm not sure. I'm not a fan of this Limbo Land but I have gotten better at dealing with it. Well, I say that now. Definitely subject to change.


Angela said...

I really do know that Limbo Land pretty well -- I am sorry it's sneaking up on you right now!!



Rural Felicity said...

You have been in Limbo Land lots, haven't you?! Thanks for the hugs. :)