Friday, January 09, 2009


2008 vs 2007. Quite a difference! G started 2007 out with four shunt revisions, rotavirus hospital stay, and the year went on with multiple UTIs and ear infections. My mother was also diagnosed with leukemia that year. But 2007 is gone, right? Why am I bringing it up? Because it's relevant to 2008, I guess. 2008 was as uneventful as 2007 was eventful. We had ONE surgery. A planned one at that! We had a couple scares where we thought something was going on with the shunt, but not this time... My mom is still on chemo but in remission, so the year 2008 rocked!

Why is it, though, when I reflect on 2008, I mostly think of 2007? I am so thankful this was a non-eventful year. There were things that went on, most assuredly, and not all of them were good, but overall, the year was a very good year. I'm a little shocked, actually, that it's 2009.

G is now three. He has taken steps in his walker. He is going to school sometimes and getting PT twice a week. He is here. One of the things that seems so far away is being told he wouldn't live. Living that first year of his life with bated breath, wondering if he'd be snatched away. Going through multiple surgeries and wondering if this, this is how it was going to always be. And then, here we are.

He may have things in his future, but I'm not dwelling on those. The here and now is that I have this fabulous three-year-old. He is G! He's fun, witty, smart, funny, ornery, and so full of personality.

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