Sunday, January 04, 2009

Walkers, twister straps, waiting..

We are still waiting for G's walker. Thankfully, we have one through the school that is working well. He's been very stubborn with the PT, and I think he's in all his three-year-old glory when it comes to that. It's such a challenge figuring out how to discipline without giving him what he wants, which is to quit pt. So far, I've been encouraging to apologize after we are all done.

He's been taking steps in the walker! His therapist moves the walker, and he takes the steps. We need twister straps to give him more stability and endurance, but I'm thinking I have to call again to get the ball rolling. The holidays seem to have messed up our fairly timely clinic!

G likes to wheel around in his chair when we go places. Last week we forgot to put it in the van when we went to an event, and he was so irritated. He kept telling us to remember the chair next time. He tends to "run" while he's in it, so we're having to set some boundaries. He's way too good at stopping at will, so he thinks he's got it all figured out. I knew three was going to be a challenge!!

2008 was a really, really good year. No major hospital stays, only one surgery (planned), and overall good health. Soooooo different than 2007. My mom has been doing well with the chemo, and all of our kids have been relatively healthy this year. I have so much to be thankful!

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