Friday, April 20, 2007

Gone and home again

One of the things about a hospital stay is life goes on for other people, but it halts and shifts for me. I come home, my house is still the way I left it, my kids are missing me, and life resumes, but I'm behind. I've missed something. I feel so alienated after a hospital stay.

G was in the hospital Monday and Tuesday night. He is still not himself, and today I'm getting worried. Monday he had these diarrhea diapers that were just water, and he had about 6 of them on the way home. I was cloth diapering, and it went surprisingly well and smoothly, but I can't say it was the most ideal circumstances in a five hour car trip with four kids. Fortunately, they didn't stink, the diapers that is. We got home, and he had two more diapers full, and then he vomited all over me. Oh joy. So, then I went into "I think we have to call about this" mode, cleaned up the floor, took my clothes off, put on some fresh clothes, helped get the kids ready for bed, as G laid on the couch without moving. He looked lifeless, and I was really worried he was dehydrating fast.

After we got the other three kids to bed, hubby and I took G to our the ER. MIL stayed with the sleeping beauties. Long story short, G got an IV, some blood draws, and an overnight stay. The next day, he seemed to be doing better until the afternoon, and then he became lethargic, hard to waken, and he had a low-grade fever. We stayed another night, with another dose of antibiotics, and Wednesday we took him to Children's for a CT and to see the neurosurgeon. It looked good, so we left very relieved.

The diarrhea has continued, though, and yesterday and today, he just passes out. Today, he was sitting in the high chair, and fell asleep. I know this happens with kids after a long day, but it isn't sitting right with me. So, worry, worry. And, OF COURSE, it's the weekend!! It's always the weekend. I remember the days when I used to think TGIF, and now I'm praying we make it through the weekend.

Coming out of the hospital, and getting back to Life is just a surreal experience.

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