Monday, April 30, 2007

Shunt revisions

Tomorrow it will be a year ago that G had his second shunt revision. I've been working out in the garden the last couple days, and I was wondering why it kept popping into my thoughts. A year ago I was feeling so hopeful with promise and thoughts of getting gardening done. Life felt good. And concerns started creeping in. I ended up going in on a Friday with him and spending the weekend. His revision was on Monday, and we took him home on Wednesday. It seems so weird that it was only a year ago.

Thankfully, this year I don't feel as if anything shunt related is going on. Well, I still worry, and I check the signs, but he seems okay. His burr hole "soft spot" has been fuller but not tense.

It took a lot out of me, and I ended up not doing any gardening when I got home. I think I did a few annuals around the yard, but I didn't do anything special.

There is such a love/hate relationship with that thing. I love it because it's the reason he's still alive, but I hate it because of its frailty. Not even frailty really, but it is flawed. Shunts are as dependent on the person in some sense as the person is on them. G has had 7 operations on his brain, and he's not even two years old. It really freaks me out sometimes!! Most of the time, though, we go on our merry way. :) His shunt failures/malfunctions have occured due to tissue blockage and the gel incident.

Well, I am going to try and not worry about the shunt this week. It'll probably me more on my mind, though, I think.

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