Friday, July 06, 2007

Terrific Twos

It's obvious the child is entering that "Terrific" Two phase. It can be terrible for the parent, and tough for the child, but all in all it's a terrific phase. I mean, every day, despite much frustration, tantrums, irritation, it seems there is this energy, this desire to learn, to destroy, to shout, to exclaim. It's encouraging to see development and progress for mom and dad despite the ringing ears. As this photo demonstrates, the kid was not happy. It wasn't because he wanted to be out of the corn, he wanted to do it on his own, and he was furious I had pulled him in there. Once I put him on the ground, he crawled in and was as happy as could be.

G is definitely emerging as a personality. As a baby, he was this silent, watchful, peaceful buddha figure. He didn't use much energy to cry or complain, and he was a huge baby because of it. He is still very watchful, but he makes noise with the rest of 'em! I remember telling people who would often tell me what a fantastic, sweet baby he was, that I thought the twos would be challenging. I figured he was biding his time. And, it was painfully obvious to me that he was taking notes with how watchful he was!

Number Three was my most challenging in this phase, and I must admit, G isn't quite like that or even like my nephew. He doesn't always have the physical capabilities to get into stuff, climb counters, open fridge doors of fish in the toilet, but his personality is definitely that of a toddler entering that two-year-old phase. He expects, no demands, that I allow him these privileges and take him there right NOW! And the word NO to him is as if I've slapped him across the face and ripped his poor, wittle heart out

I love the challenge of this age because they want to learn so much. It's all about learning and discovering and figuring things out. There are days I can't keep up with it and get frustrated and act out like I'm two, but for the most part, I really don't mind the Twos.

With G, there is a different aspect that I find difficult to deal with. This would be the shunt. Again. I'm having to learn what his Two is like. I know what my other three kids were like, I know how they acted, but what is normal for him? What is excessively irritable? Where does one draw the line? What do you ignore and what do you pay attention to? It's a challenge, that's for sure, and I'm not sure I'm relishing it much. I feel on edge whenever he cries or screamz, especially if he sounds in pain. And of course, the smart kid has figured out if he cries, "Owie!" mommy is right there asking where it hurts. Boy, I'm going to have to work on that.

Overall, though, I'm enjoying the attitude from this kid. He's funny, smart, and ornery.


Mel said...

Hi, I found your blog via Angela's. that's a cute little guy you have there! We too are experiencing some of those frustrating toddler moods. Hang in there:)

Rural Felicity said...

Hi, Mel! Thanks for stopping by!

Aren't those toddler moods fun?! :)

Amanda said...

The twos can be such a hoot! In my experience as a parent, I must say I've seen them more as the "Teriffic" rather than the "Terrible".

Now give me Threes or Fours? And I might comment differently ;)

Oh, and I nominated you for a Power of Positive Schmoozing award on my blog. That would be because you rock :)

Take care.

Rural Felicity said...

Hi, Amanda! The twos are a blast.. :) I love how much they learn at this age. So dang smart, they are!

I have to agree the Threes and Fours are pretty trying (I've got a four-year-old in the house, too. LOL).

Thank you for nominating me!!!! I will be checking it out!! You rock, too. :)