Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A little thing called a bath

G hasn't had many baths in his lifetime. He's 21 months, and he had 21 casts off and on to correct his little feet. Many a sponge bath was had. He has had some baths, but he's been terrified of them, and I decided to not force it. Therefore, it's been awhile since he's had a bath. I've been having him wash his hands and splash and play in the sink a bit, and I have him watch the other kids bathe. He hasn't minded being splashed recently, so I decided it was time to give it a try again.

I put G in the bath chair in the tub with his brother a few nights ago, and at first he cried, but then I splashed a bit of water, and it tickled his fancy, I guess. He was happy and content to play, and he cried when I took him out.

I find this so exciting that he finally enjoys a bath. No more screaming and trembling from him and no more feeling like I'm torturing my kid.

Another thing he's been finding enjoyment in is Blue's Clues. None of my other kids have been suckered into a show like this. He will yell, "Blue clue!! Blue clue!!" while we are watching a show, and he's quite persistent about it. Today he signed "please." It's kind of cute, and it's very, very helpful for bedtime. Getting him ready for bed takes about a half hour, so it's been nice to not have him screaming as I dress him, change his diaper, put his braces on, and give him medications. I think it's taking less than a half hour because we're not engaged in a battle anymore. Thank you, Blue, Steve, and sometimes Joe.


catherine said...

Sounds good. My first never followed Blue or any of those but my second still talks back to the TV like Blue and Dora are listening. It is so funny.

I'm so glad that G is doing okay (and that you didn't need all of those socks)!

Rural Felicity said...

Hi, Catherine! It is funny when they talk to the characters. :)

I'm awfully glad things are looking good and I'm so thankful I didn't need the socks, either.