Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What's worse than dirty underwear?

The answer: dirty socks. I'm thinking of this because I'm packing. When G had his first shunt revision, hubby and I didn't pack anything when we went to the appointment. We live about two hours away from the hospital, so I'm not sure what we were thinking. G was admitted and had surgery that afternoon. It was a Monday, and we came home by Wednesday. I was able to survive the underwear, pants, shirt, but the socks were giving me heaves when I had to put them back on in the mornings. I shudder at the memory.

We've been through a few more unexpected surgeries since then, and I bring extra underwear, but I definitely overpack socks.

G has an appointment today for a CT scan. His behavior has changed, and we're thinking shunt. I hope I'm wrong.


Angela said...

I agree -- the same thing happened to us in February when Jack was admitted for a kidney infection. We were basically snowed in and didn't have much in the way of extras...ugh, I still remember my socks! lol.

I truly hope his shunt is okay. Please keep us posted on the results. Thinking of you. ((hugs))

Amanda said...

Definitely thinking of you here (hugs).

I don't know everything that a malfunctioning shunt can cause. I have a friend (my age -- late thirties) who had a shunt and then a shunt replacement all within the past year due to a pseudo-tumor in her brain (basically a cyst filled with spinal fluid, I think?) that was causing excruciating migraines. She knows the shunt isn't working when the headaches worsen. But like I said, I'm totally unfamiliar with pediatric shunts other than my mom's friend's granddaughter.

You and your family will be in our prayers.

Rural Felicity said...

I'm sorry you can commiserate with the dirty socks. So bad, aren't they?!

G's shunt appears to be functioning. A CT scan and shunt series didn't show anything. I'm left feeling relieved and frustrated. Thank you for the thoughts and hugs!

Rural Felicity said...

Hi, Amanda,

I think as G gets older, he'll be able to hopefully tell us what's going on. He was repeatedly banging his head in December, and it turns out that was his way of telling us his head hurt (three doctors and his PT thought it was probably behavioral). He was banging it forcefully on Sunday, and I wonder if we had a partial blockage. I'm thankful it flushed out if that's the case.

We were given a list of clinical signs to watch for when we were sent home from the NICU. He doesn't usually demonstrate the clinical signs, though, but now that his head won't grow with pressure, we'll probably see more of these signs (lethargy, vomiting, lack of appetite). It sometimes ends up being quite the guessing game with this kid! :)

Thank you so much for the prayers and hugs.