Saturday, June 16, 2007


It's been very hot and muggy here recently. I thrive in it, but G is on medication that inhibits his ability to sweat and puts him in danger of overheating, so to speak. He flushes up even when it's not this hot.

On Thursday, my mom, sister, nephew, G and I went to town. We ended up going to a few garage sales, but sis and I didn't feel like taking the toddlers in and out of their carseats, so we chatted in the car. Afterward, we went to a bakery to get cookies (can I say YUMMY?? I'm all about making my own, but these were delicious), and as we walk in the clerk commented on my G's "sunburn." I didn't correct him that he was flushed, but he went on about it a little.

We ordered our cookies, and he brought it up again, saying something about keeping little ones out of the sun. I made a comment about him being flushed by the heat, but I didn't feel like an explanation was necessary at this point. While we were paying and saying goodbye, he said, "Keep the little one out of the sun!"

I finally said, "He doesn't have sunburn. He's on medication that causes him to flush."


I'm not sure what's the correct thing to do in these circumstances. Sometimes I feel like I overshare and sometimes I don't feel like giving all the information. The clerk wasn't rude, and I appreciate his concern.


Angela said...

This happens to me all the time. I feel guilty and like I am doing a disservice to Jack if I don't explain or give a reason why ___ fill in the blank is the way it is. We get the "He looks tired" comment every time we're out. What do I say to that? He's not tired it's just the way he keeps his eyes I guess. Sorry this is jumbled -- I've been wanting to post a response to this but each time a different little one needs mommy! I usually end up saying nothing -- I so want to come up with some "canned" responses to these types of comments!!

Rural Felicity said...

I know what you mean about a different one needing mommy and trying to post!!

It's so hard sometimes to respond to comments. I don't care to embarrass people, but I don't like feeling like I need to "defend" myself/son. I'd rather respond to comments, though, than stares/glares/assumptions. At least with comments we're given a chance to answer it, i guess.

We came out of the hospital once, and G had over 30 stitches in two different spots on his head, half his hair was shaved, he had two hip to toe casts on, and he looked so bad. NObody said a word in Target, they all just cringed away or glared at us.

But it is tricky to know WHAT to say sometimes!! Some canned responses would be nice. :)