Thursday, June 21, 2007

The shadow of the shunt

This morning was G's last dose of antibiotics. He has a fever. I debate, I call, and we go. He was on amoxicillin, so I wouldn't have been surprised if it hadn't done the trick for the UTI we were trying to get rid of. It looks like it's just a virus, though.

I said to the doctor that I felt so paranoid bringing him in for just a virus. His comment was, "You need to be paranoid with him." He meant this in a reassuring way, and I took it that way.

I still feel paranoid, though. G is four months post-op for his shunt, and he's still at risk for shunt infection. He cleared for strep throat (his throat was red), his urine sample looked clear, so we're going with the virus. Unless something grows in the cultures. His blood count was good, though (11, 000), so as I run through all these things I feel calmer.

I feel like, though, I live under a shadow. The shadow of the shunt. The questions, the concerns, the potential issues. They are always there. I'm always trying to rule them out. Will I be able to breathe easier someday?


Amanda said...

Felicity, I worry and I don't have a child with the health issues G has. You're doing well to be as level as you are.

I ended up taking my younger son to the ER about 3 weeks ago for a high fever (103.5 before he ripped the thermometer from his mouth). It was tonsillitis, of a rather oogy variety.

Did I feel a bit dim being in the ER with him? Well, yeah, especially as the Motrin finally kicked in. But with a fever as high as his was, considering that he was also acting like a very sick little boy, it was just what had to be done.

You're doing fine, mama -- hang in there!

P.S. I've got a photo of the backs of my boys (I'm internet-wary, LOL) in my sidebar now, if you want to check it out :)

Rural Felicity said...

Thank you, Amanda!

I do think worry is a fact of parenting. :) I hope your son's tonsillitis has cleared up nicely. Depending on how sick they're acting, I've taken a kid or two to ER. Fevers are tough! On one hand, you know they're doing good, but on another, they can affect the child's behavior sooo much.

Cute boys you have there. :)