Saturday, November 04, 2006


I feel rather childish, but needless to say, I feel rather annoyed. I called Mom this morning to see if I could come over and visit. I haven't been able to go over for awhile, and I really, really wanted to see mom and dad. I told hubby after I got off the phone, "I just have a feeling M will show up with her family."

So, we headed off to church, and when we returned I called mom to see if there was anything I could bring. And guess who was there? M and her family. I love my sister, but when our kids get together there is no peace and quiet. Plus, M is a conversation hog. She's been driving me nuts this week with her neuroses. Everything is about her, and it drives me crazy.

I almost didn't go. Mom just had knee surgery on Tuesday, and I didn't want to be causing too much hassle. I did end up going, and I prayed and tried to have a positive and friendly attitude. I still feel upset, though. I tried to bring up Thanksgiving, and M blew me off. I also tried to show her some cool stuff I wanted to get Mister G, and she basically ignored me. And really, every conversation has to be about her or something she wants to talk about.

My nice, anticipated evening with mom and dad, didn't end up that way. She'd also been over earlier this week, and I just really, really miss my mom and dad. I wanted to just be able to talk to them and see them, and it didn't work out that way at all. I feel bummed.

I guess I'm done being petulant now.

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