Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Finding Motivation

In highschool, I was a major procrastinator. I always managed to get my work done and in on time, but I always put it off to the last possible minute. Here I am, doing this kind of behavior again. I have many, and I mean many, things to accomplish before we head off on a trip to rural IA. I have to pack for a three day trip, and I have to pack for three kids, a baby, and me. Hubby does his own packing. :)

It must be warmer outside, but I haven't left my house to find out. The snow is melting, though. It's almost gone. The sky is still gray, and it looks like it's misty.

So, why I am sitting on here reading blogs and posting? Packing, washing laundry and dishes, making beds, all that good stuff, just seems so daunting. I think the caffeine I ingested this morning is starting to kick in. I don't feel dead tired anyway.

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