Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Unmotivated November

It's the first of November already. It's weird to change the calender and only have two months left. I'm feeling motivated but lazy. I have lots of things I want/should/need to do, but I'd rather sit at the computer and pretend to be busy.

Despite the cold today, it's beautiful. The sky is a delightful sky blue with little puffy clouds. Fields are harvested and everything looks crisp and a bit stark. It looks so nice that I want to go outside, but my toes are telling me it's a bit colder than it appears.

I've allowed the tv to be on all morning because I can stay on here longer. How sad is that? I just don't have motivation when I'm chilled.

I'm going to check my email one more time, and then this is it. I'm done with the computer, and I'm going to wash dishes and laundry. I'm going to make lunch and decide on supper. I'm going to sweep the floor vacuum. I'm going to do things!! I have to.

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